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Using LinkedIn to Help with your Next Job Search

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Using LinkedIn to Help with your Next Job Search

Should I update my profile?

Your profile doesn’t have to replace your CV and speaking frankly it shouldn’t. But it is your shop window and provides quick insights into you, your skills, and the direction in which your career is going. So, address these points towards the top of your profile – any recent certifications alongside a bio that informs people what you do and most importantly gives clues as to what you want to do next.

Can you provide an overview of flagship projects which align with the work that you want to do next?

Don’t over-do it. The key information must stand out, so your profile needs to be succinct. There is a fine line though and leaving too much to the imagination will mean that you might get approached for work, but not necessarily the work that you want or would be ‘casually interest in’. 

Market yourself

Drawing attention to a new certification or sharing something interesting with your network is a great way to get you seen. However, once you start, consistency is key – as is engaging with others that sit in the same community as you. Engaging with others will encourage them to engage with you, meaning your reach will be multiplied and your own personally brand and visibility will grow very quickly.

How strong is your network?

Analyse your connections. Are they going to help get you to your next career move? If not, who will?

Not everybody has a specialist recruiter in their network, so find one, or two – or ask a trusted individual in your network who they worked with when they moved between companies. Getting under the nose of and working with a good “niche” recruiter can open many doors and add significant value to your recruitment process.

Are you utilizing your network?

Lean on your connections. Are there any that work for the company that you want to join, do you have trusted people that can provide insights or referrals. Do you have a trusted recruiter that you have worked with previously? You may already have access to the ingredients that you need to find the job that you want.

Think like a recruiter.

Niche recruiters are always looking to add good quality people to their network and can be an invaluable ally even when you are not looking for a new position. When you are reviewing your options, make yourself easy to find. Are you job titles aligned to the industry that you work in, or the company that you work for? Do you talk about the topics that relate to your work? Are you promoting the skills that will stand you apart?

Don’t feel compelled to talk about all the areas that you have covered throughout your career and try not to detail too many legacy tech areas if you are at the cutting edge of digitalization.

Be interesting

Very difficult to do on a static profile but if you read an article that you enjoy, chances are other people in your network will to. Share it.

Utilize relatable short videos wherever you feel it is relevant to do so. Try and maintain a central theme, but don’t be afraid of being interesting to your network.