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​from the StaffHost community:


        Delivery of quick, effective solutions        

As a professional services partner, we call upon StaffHost to deliver quick-turnaround solutions, often in high volumes to ensure effective delivery of solutions to our customers    

- Global leading cloud services provider / Client


   Personal guidance made me change career  

The way StaffHost approached me was refreshing. They weren't like most recruiters and actually gave some good advice on how to proceed with the 'soon to be' new employer. It was that personal guidance that made me even consider changing career after 19 years.

- Arno / Candidate


    Within hours, they had an interview for me     

I worked with StaffHost whilst looking for a new challenge 18 months into a career in sales and I had very specific goals and ambitions to take my career to the next level. Within hours of discussing my requirements, they came back to me with an interview lined up at a leading SaaS provider for a role that was challenging, exciting but ultimately perfect for me.                                                                                    ​

- David / Candidate


        Excellent track record of delivering       

StaffHost have an excellent track record of delivering highly-skilled ITSM professionals globally. They consistently demonstrate their expert understanding of the market and will continue to be a valuable partner moving forward

- Global Leading Security Vendor / Client


  They coordinated the whole process from start to end   

I had the pleasure of working with StaffHost as I was searching for new job challenges in the ITSM market. They were confident and reliable when analysing my skills and matching them with potential new employers. I quickly got an initial meeting, then another follow up meeting with a significant and interresting company. They coordinated the whole process from start to end, and then some. I give StaffHost my best recommendations.

- Bjørn / Candidate


     They opened my eyes to new posibilities     

StaffHost approached me with an offer which, in the beginning I did not really consider. They were able to open my eyes for new possibilities and didn't sell the new job as the sales rep we all like to hate, but the one you feel is on your side trying to achieve the best for you. And I am very pleased that they did, because I got the job and I am loving it. 

- Søren / Candidate


     Changed my point of view on recruitment consultant     

StaffHost has changed my point of view on recruitment consultant work. Now I know that I can expect better from recruitment process itself. They respond very quickly, every detail is well described and every subject is treated with great attention. Thanks to them I felt really like a high class specialist during the recruitment process.I wish every recruitment consultant act and communicate the way StaffHost are doing it.. 

- Rafal / Candidate


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