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2024 Norway Salary and Compensation Report

This is the most up to date and accurate report for the Norwegian Cloud and Digital sector, focussing on salaries, benefits and job movements.
Our objective was to create a report offering salary guidelines for significant technology sectors in Norway. Additionally, we aimed to explore the factors influencing job changes, delving into motivations beyond just salary considerations.

The following sources were used for the purpose of building this report:
  • Over the past six weeks, we conducted surveys with 3,000 technology professionals in Norway.

  • We have leveraged 150,000 hours of candidate interviews, involving 8,000 technology professionals in the last six months, encompassing both passive and active job seekers.

  • Comprehensive notes have been compiled from over 500 placement records within the last six months.

  • We conducted interviews with 25 specialist IT recruitment consultants exclusively focused on the Norwegian market, boasting a collective experience of 120 years.

Click Here to download a PDF version of our 2024 Norwegian Salary and Compensation Report.

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