How We Placed 150+ German Speaking ServiceNow Professionals in 3 Years

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How We Placed 150+ German Speaking ServiceNow Professionals in 3 Years

​For some, this may not seem like a big number, however, for those in the know, sourcing 150 German speaking ServiceNow professionals is an enormous undertaking.

Here’s a quick summary of how we did it:

Firstly, the challenge.

The demand for ServiceNow solutions in Germany is rising … quickly, however the pace for services is fast outgrowing the talent available to deliver them, assuming you are looking for local talent!

Our clients range from Global Elite partners to Registered partners (and everything in between), however they are all seeing the same profile, fluent German speaking professionals with client facing or consulting skills. Here lies the challenge.

In the last 10 years we have built a formidable talent map of the companies and people that work within the ServiceNow ecosystem in the DACH region. However, through a combination of direct headhunting and nurturing our network over many years; our annual ServiceNow Salary Survey’s, monthly insights, and meeting people at 40+ events have supported our efforts.

Despite all of this, the majority of the 150+ people that we placed had been in our network for 2-5 years. With many engaging with us up to 10 times before we introduced them to one of our clients. During that period of time, most have read one of our reports or met with us at the ServiceNow events in Frankfurt, London or Las Vegas – getting to know most very well over a coffee or a Weissbier.

While we have invested in automation, AI and a variety of tech and analytics tools, the personal element is and always will be fundamental for us at StaffHost. Building personal relationships, understanding people and the factors that are important to them and advising accordingly is one of our fundamental values.

While technology has definitely helped, we wouldn’t have made 50% of those placements without the personal stories.