Always Be Open to Changing Jobs, Here's Why

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Always Be Open to Changing Jobs, Here's Why

​Remaining open to the possibility of changing jobs can be beneficial, provided you have a clear understanding of what could improve your current role and what could make it worse.


Having a mental SWOT checklist provides you with the platform to quickly analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your current job, to then understand what a good opportunity would look like, as well as a threat!


Specifically in cloud and digital communities (ServiceNow, Atlassian, Salesforce, Data, Azure, GCP, AWS) where the partner communities in the Nordics and DACH are very familiar too each other.


Let’s examine the above. What could make your role better:


Salary: While career satisfaction shouldn't solely depend on money, considering salary increases with a job change is reasonable, especially if it aligns with your circumstances.

Projects: Embracing ground-breaking projects can enhance your professional growth and keep your work engaging and fulfilling.

Seniority: Opportunities for advancement, even if unconventional, can accelerate your career trajectory. Consider potential growth paths, especially in smaller companies or different sectors.



Now to the things that could make your role worse.


Unforeseen team changes: Relying on specific individuals or team dynamics for job satisfaction can be risky, as personnel changes are inevitable and beyond your control.

Career plateau: Recognizing when you've hit a plateau and assessing your ambitions and circumstances is crucial. Stagnation in growth or development could signal the need for change.

Learning & Development: If you're a high performer left to your own devices, it's essential to evaluate who supports your continued growth and development within the organization. If your current employer does not have an L&D strategy for high performers, what does that mean for you?

Culture Shift: Changes in company culture can impact job satisfaction. Assess whether shifts align with your values and professional aspirations.

Spot the warning signs. Is your company going through growth? To the outside world this appears to be positive, however cultural change is inevitable as this happens and maintaining the old culture is predictably difficult. Likewise, key personnel changes will also have the same impact.


You don’t need to take immediate action, but thinking about your current SWOT will help you to analyse whether or not you should be speaking about that next career approach!