How we Recruited 8 ServiceNow Consultants in Germany in 8 Weeks

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How we Recruited 8 ServiceNow Consultants in Germany in 8 Weeks

Here's how we assisted a prominent German consultancy in recruiting 8 ServiceNow professionals within an 8-week timeframe.


During a quarterly service review session with a client in Germany, they casually mentioned their strategic growth plans for 2024. However, they had not yet formulated a concrete plan on how to achieve this growth, only recognizing the need for it.

Following a brief audit of their strategy, it became apparent that achieving their objectives would pose significant challenges without a well-defined plan in place. They had already started to win projects and the impact of not achieving their hiring plans would create potential harm to their client relationships and brand.


Here are the key challenges identified:


  1. Limited understanding of talent pools in target regions regarding quantity, expertise levels, and diversity.

  2. Unclear internal salary bandings compared to competitors, resulting in significantly lower offers.

  3. Lack of clarity on direct competitors beyond the main two, hindering targeted recruitment efforts.

  4. Unstructured and outdated approach to marketing their company. Traditionally focused, limited social strategy and no personal branding efforts in place.

  5. Overreliance on active job seekers without a strategy to engage with passive talent.

  6. Intention to allocate a substantial advertising budget without tracking the user journey, risking wasteful spending.

  7. Delayed campaign launch by two months, leaving no room for contingencies in case of setbacks or unforeseen challenges.

  8. Unclear timescales without an appreciation for hiring manager availability for interviews and future start dates.



Here's how we addressed the challenges and supported their goals:


  1. Conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis to identify target talent pools.

  2. Assisted in revamping marketing materials and social campaigns, providing weekly reports on effectiveness using measurable data.

  3. Offered training and coaching to the hiring and talent teams on effectively engaging with and interviewing passive candidates.

  4. Developed a sustainable recruitment marketing plan.

  5. Sourced and facilitated interviews for 14 German native ServiceNow professionals within the first 10 days. Managed the entire process, including coordination, resources, insights, and feedback, concluding within 6 weeks.

  6. Successfully secured the target of 8 signed hires by the end of week 8.

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