How long does it take to hire the best Cloud & Digital talent in the Nordics?

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How long does it take to hire the best Cloud & Digital talent in the Nordics?

​Reverse engineering your recruitment cycle is vital to determining when you land your next Cloud hire. Firstly, you need to start with your goal; when do you need them to start?


Now that you have that, you can build a process designed to achieving your goal. If you are aiming for a 1st September start date to coincide with the end of the Nordic summer break, factor in notice periods and interview cycles. Working the numbers backwards means that you will need to complete your interview processes and have people signed before the end of May to have a chance of on-boarding people in September.


But how do you know how long it will take to find the candidates?


The honest answer is, you don’t, but you have a choice to make. What is the impact on me, my team, and business if this person doesn’t join my team in September? If it is critical, do I have access to the talent communities, or do I need to partner with someone that does?


Creating a timely shortlist of quality Cloud candidates will be a tough ask for an internal team, after all, they are being tasked with placing all the positions in your company. If speed is key, you’ll need to partner with an expert – and ultimately one that will solve your problem, not compound your challenge with the potential of a decent service and no results.

Reverse engineer the numbers and factor in as many variables as you can to ensure you get the best people and when you need them. Identifying them too early is never a problem, hiring them after they are needed will put unnecessary strain on you, your team, your business and potentially your clients.