Do Not Damage your Employment Brand with a Poor Candidate Experience!

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Do Not Damage your Employment Brand with a Poor Candidate Experience!

A positive candidate experience should be hardwired into your companies DNA. The ramifications are far reaching and extend beyond whether you hire them or not.

Insight to your company

Every interaction you have with a candidate, either directly or through a recruiter, is an insight into your company.

Poor organisation at the interview stage? 

Poor organisation across the company?

Engaging, interesting interview? Engaging, interesting work? 

Candidates will build a perception of your company and start to draw conclusions based on their experience. Not only this but 95% of candidates believe that the way a potential employer treats them as a candidate reflects how they would treat them as an employee.

Get off to a bad start and the initial and future journey of a potential hire could be limited.


There are multiple platforms where candidates can share their frustrations and experiences. This has a greater impact than you may realise. Overcoming these objections creates unnecessary barriers to growing your business, meaning every experience needs to be a good one.

In niche markets, word of mouth is the biggest killer. With so many forums, meetups, and expos, it’s easier than ever to share negative experiences and deter future hires. “My friend said …” is a common phrase that is difficult to objection handle, specifically with talent that is not actively considering a change.

The long game

Not every candidate you interview is going to be right for company, similarly not every candidate you offer is going to accept. However, that doesn’t mean that will be the case forever. After a few years, or in some cases, just a few months, the candidate might come back on to your radar. Many candidates will draw upon their last experience with the company and interview process to decide whether to reengage and a lot of this will come down to clarity over why the process wasn’t successful first time around.


Talent is four times more likely to consider your company in the future if you offer constructive feedback.