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Getting Your Next Job Through LinkedIn

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Getting Your Next Job Through LinkedIn

Think like a recruiter.

Unless you are out of work, finding the time to respond to hundreds of calls and messages is impossible – specifically when they are about irrelevant jobs.

Whether you are looking, or just curious, be strategic with your approach, and think like a recruiter.

Get connected to market expert recruiters … not every recruiter. A decent recruiter will showcase their expertise on their profile, if it isn’t relevant, don’t connect.

If they’re in your network, don’t ignore them. Politely engage and decline opportunities if the timing or opportunity isn’t right. They’re in your network because they could add value at some point in the future, if not, they shouldn’t be in your network!

If you decide to look at new opportunities, make yourself visible.

1.     Upload a profile picture.

2.    Use a job title that explains what you do, not one that your company use internally.

3.    Mention your certifications and use plenty of keywords in your profile (this is what we search on after all)

4.    If have strong preferences on what you want to do next, make it clear at the top of your profile.


Market yourself

Do you have a personal brand? Of course, you do, but what do others think of it?

Consider this a cheat sheet to open doors, creating warm interviews and removing barriers, before you’ve even met your future employer!

1.     Connect with people in your industry – not just people that perform a similar function but internal recruiters and hiring managers/directors. Look out for those that have the purple “we’re hiring emblem”.

2.    Say something … nothing drastic, but it could be an interesting report, news article, something that others would find valuable.

3.    Show some personality – you’d be surprised by how favourable this can be. It’s not Facebook, I know, however you’re more likely to gain interest if people like you.

4.    Engage with your network. Getting involved in your network is the easiest way to promote you. Liking content and commenting where relevant creates visibility amongst people that you want to be seen by.